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Michael Smith

Michael Smith – Curriculum vitae


Independent IT Consultant.
Sofware engineer, system administrator, analyst with a strong background in IT security.
20 years of IT experience in multiple fields.
Retro computing and gaming enthousiast.

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Security Engineer at Scanit Middle East

Dubai, United Arab Emirates. February 2005 – May 2005

At Scanit I performed security audits, pentesting and reporting for major telecom and banking companies in the Middle East region.
I was in charge of internal project such as the planning, implementation and configuration of a secure, corporate VPN system and a Samba File server integration.

System Administrator and Software Developer at The Content Factory

Dubai, United Arab Emirates. June 2005 – August 2006

Duties included system administration, infrastructure planning and IT support for the company's employees and clients.
I built a custom content management system for the company from scratch. First in PHP, then the web application was ported to Ruby on Rails.

Open source System Integrator at Kosmo Systems

Dubai, United Arab Emirates. September 2006 – November 2006

Kosmo Systems developed a wifi content delivery system using a Tomcat, Apache, Ruby on Rails, Chillispot stack. I was part of the team developing, installing and configuring this system on the clients' premises, several major shopping malls in Dubai.
Kosmo Systems ceased operations in the region in November 2006. The entire team was forced to find work elsewhere.

IT Consultant at UnlimITed

Dubai, United Arab Emirates. November 2006 – January 2007

At UnlimITed I performed periodic on site IT support visits for large clients mainly in the construction industry. My duties included composing periodic systems' status reports, on call and remote IT incident handling.

IT Manager at Action Impact LLC

Dubai, United Arab Emirates. February 2007 – March 2008

At Action Impact I handled the day to day management of IT operations such as incident handling, procurement of new hardware and software. I lead the expansion and move of the existing IT infrastructure from 20 users to 100+ users.

Ruby on Rails Developer at Spinbits

Dubai, United Arab Emirates. March 2008 – August 2008

Spinbits was one of the first startup web development companies in the region. I joined them as a Ruby on Rails developer with the experience I gained working with the framework at Kosmo Systems.
We developed full stack web applications for medium to large size companies in the region. I was able to refine and apply my system administration experience as well as gain new skills such as cloud computing configuration with Amazon Web Services (AWS). I taught myself to work with Amazon's EC2 cloud computing infrastructure as well as its S3 cloud storage solution.

Self-employed IT Consultant and Software Developer

Jakarta, Indonesia. August 2008 – December 2011

When I moved to Indonesia I set myself up with a self-employed business license registered in Jakarta. Under this license I performed IT consultancy, hosting and software development services for major clients in the area including The German Centre for Industry and Trade, Tebodin, Coseinc (Singapore) and Vincent Sheppard.
For several of these projects I had to become proficient in the local language, Bahasa Indonesia.

Security Engineer and Software Developer at Bellua Asia Pacific

Jakarta, Indonesia. September 2009 – July 2010

During my time as a self-employed IT consultant in Indonesia I took on a part time job as an IT security engineer and sofware developer at Bellua Asia Pacific, a respected IT security firm in the Asia Pacific region.
At Bellua I performed pentests, composed reports presented to clients and developed in-house software using Python, Django and Google Web Toolkit.
I attended and volunteered at several IT security conferences in the region such as HITB Malaysia.

Co-founder and CTO at The Advisable Company

New York, United States. December 2011 – July 2013

In December 2011 I met James Richards in Jakarta. He hired me to build an idea he was working on: a marketplace for lawyers. A few months later we expanded on his initial idea and co-founded The Advisable Company, a New York based startup. James took on the role of CEO and I became CTO. For over a year I was the sole developer of the Ruby on Rails based web application.
In february 2013 I moved to New York and a few weeks later we moved the company to San Francisco.
After that we applied and got accepted to Y Combinator, a reputable Silicon Valley based incubator.
We followed the program and pivoted our idea and company a few weeks before our first investors pitch at Demo Day. We became Teleborder, Inc.

Co-founder and CTO at Teleborder, Inc.

San Francisco, United States. July 2013 – August 2014

Teleborder, Inc. is a pivoted version of Advisable. Teleborder aims to make hiring overseas talent for US based companies easy through an online platform.
In July 2014 Teleborder announced a seed round of slightly under $1 million led by Khosla Ventures with participation from Indonesia’s East Ventures.
At Teleborder I wrote the initial web application from scratch using the Ruby on Rails framework and Heroku hosting. I then proceeded to build a development team. I wrote documentation on best code writing practices and correct use of collaboration tools and source code management software such as git.
In December 2013 I moved back to Belgium and continued development of Teleborder with a team based in Antwerp.
In August 2014 I resigned my position as CTO of Teleborder. I continue to be acknowledged as a co-founder and major shareholder.
In April 2016 Teleborder was aquired by TriNet (NYSE: TNET), a leading cloud-based provider of HR services.

Self-employed IT Consultant

Antwerp, Belgium. September 2014 – present

As a self-employed IT consultant I have worked or I am working on the following projects:

Bpart: Online citizen participation platform in Ruby on Rails


Bpact: Online panel for social research in Ruby on Rails


XEIKON Manufacturing

Systems programming project in Python.

AED Display Calculator: Web based LED wall size and parts calculator and sales offer generator


Dustproof: Web platform and infrastructure for monitoring particulate matter

Dustproof was a project I started in early 2016 as a personal challenge to implement the data aggregation and analysis of homemade particulate matter sensors. I got interested in this particular IoT implementation after seeing the lutftdaten.info project take off.

The application is built on InfluxDB, WiFi, LoRaWAN technology and a custom built API.

VH Technics: Web based CRM, installation and maintenance management application

VH Technics, a reputable heating and sanitation installation and maintenance company needed a custom application for technicians to compose on site maintenance reports.
I have built a Ruby on Rails based web application that allows a technician to identify installations at the clients' premises and compose maintenance reports using a tablet and QR codes.
These maintenance reports can subsequently be reviewed by a manager who can approve them and send a status report to the client.
I continue to host and maintain this application.


Photocloud was a cloud service to safely share pictures with friends and family developed in Ruby on Rails.

E-mail and website hosting

For myself and several small to medium sized clients I host and maintain an email hosting infrastructure built with open source software including Postfix, Dovecot and Rspamd.
During installation and configuration, best security and anti-spam practices such as SPF and DKIM were applied.
In addition I host and maintain several static and dynamic websites on servers using LAMP stacks.



I have 20 years of programming experience. The first language I mastered was BASIC. With the release of Windows 95 I quickly moved on to Visual Basic. Later followed C and C++.
After a quick detour via AT&T Assembly, I learned several scripting languages such as Python, Perl, PHP and later on Ruby.
I am skilled in HTML and JavaScript, but not good at CSS and web design in general. Fortunately my knowledge of several web front-ends such as Twitter Bootstrap, Skeleton and Wordpress make up for that.
I write unit and integration tests for my code and I use git for version control .

Known languages, in no particular order, include: Known (web) frameworks, in no particular order, include:

System Administration

I have 20 years of system administration experience. I started out with MS-DOS, Windows and Windows NT. Then I learned about Linux, BSD and Mac OS X.
My favorite server operating system is Debian, for desktops Mac OS X (for now). More recently I have gained significant experience with cloud based services such as Amazon Web Services, Heroku and DevOps frameworks such as Puppet and Chef.
I maintain my own e-mail, web hosting and Ruby on Rails application server infrastructure.

Known operating systems, in no particular order, include: Experienced in the installation, configuration and maintenance of the following software: Known cloud services, in no particular order, include:

Spoken languages


I was an average student. I gained very little IT related knowledge in school, nearly all my skills come from self-education and experience.
When I was young and inexperienced I made several attempts at gaining a higher degree, none of them successful.

Secondary school degree in Computer Science and Informatics

St-Lodewijk Institute, Antwerp. June 2001



This is a list of some people and projects that have and continue to influence my work and hobbies:

Contact information

Michael Smith
Email: info at michaelsmith dot be
Web: https://michaelsmith.be
Address: Gemeenteplein 11, 2650 Edegem
Mastodon: @michael@edegem.social
Business registration number: 0544.492.870